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Why Choose VIP Protective Services, Inc.

VIP Protective Services takes your security seriously and undertakes every measure to ensure that all security officers and staff are trained, qualified, and trustworthy. Our screening, training, and supervision are above industry standards.

"When the security directors of 10 of the largest companies in North America were asked what they considered the top three critical factors facing their programs today, 7 of the 10 responded; Finding and retaining a really quality driven contract security agency"
-Security Technology & Design Magazine

This is precisely the level of service provided by VIP Protective Services. Upon entering into contract talks with us, the client's specific needs are assessed and a security plan is developed and implemented. What is ideal for one client may not meet the needs of another. It is for this reason that each of our clients are viewed and managed on an individual basis.

This individual contract management method ensures that the specific needs of each client are not only adequately met, but will be updated each time a specific need is identified.

Providing quality security services is more than just our business. It is a critical trust, placed on us by our valued clients.

VIP Protective Services:
  • Is Fully Insured and Licensed
  • Only Employs Licensed Guards
  • Screens and Trains all Personnel
  • Supervises sites daily
  • Is a Company you can Trust